About me

Hi! I'm Maggie, the owner of Milford & Co. Pictured here is my family. My husband Dylan, our 2 boys Connor (12), Mason (3) & our daughter Evelyn. We live in the small little of Port Royal, Pa. There's not much here. Except a race track, and that's where you'll find us all summer long. My husband races Sprint Cars so that's where we spend most of our weekends. Connor loves basketball and baseball, and Mason loves anything outdoors! Aside from this business, I'm also a wedding photographer. We're a busy bunch! We're a little bit of small town living mixed with some big goals and business dreams!


Why I started Milford & Co

When I couldn't find a diaper bag I was in love with, I decided to just design my own and launch a new company. As far fetched as that initially sounded, once I started researching the process, manufacturers and materials, I came to find that designing a functional yet elegant diaper bag was something I could actually make happen.


Where the bags are made

I found a manufacture in China that I love. Aside from being extremely easy to work with, they are the kindest people who absolutely love their job. My main point of contact person, Anna, has become more of a sweet friend! In between designing and all the work we often share photos of our families, talk about our weekend plans, future goals and just life. I hope to someday make it over to Guangzhou City to meet her and all the women who personally hand make my products and explore the beautiful city.


The name

Behind the name. Our first (and current) home is on Milford Street. We may not always be at Milford, but it's where our story began and where so many memories were made. "Milford" will always be home to us and has such meaning for me.